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v1.0 migration

13 Feb 2015

v1.0 completely changes how directories are linked/tagged, requiring a migration from previous versions.

In a previous post, I posted a short migration notice; ignore that and use this instead. You may/it is recommended that you wait until v1.0 is officially released before migrating.

v1.0 directory linking is strictly a superset of the earlier implementation, so migration is fairly painless.

  1. Make sure your library’s symlinks are correct (Run dantalian fix with the old version if you have moved it).
  2. Upgrade Dantalian to v1.0.
  3. In the root directory of your library, run:

     $ dantalian save --all .dantalian/dirs
     $ dantalian unload --all .dantalian/dirs
     $ mv .dantalian/dirs storage
     $ dantalian load --all storage

    This will move the stored directories to the storage directory. You can then remove it if you want; the stored directories will be intelligently relocated:

     $ dantalian unlink storage/*
     $ rmdir storage